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Privacy Policy

    Application of the Privacy Policy
        The Privacy Policy applies to the gathering, use and protection of personal information gathered from individuals as they use the “worldwide security information Web site” maintained by the National Police Agency.
     Gathering of personal information
    Your information will be collected based on the service you request:
    Online activities -- You will be asked to provide your name, ID number, phone number, e-mail and home address when you join certain online activities.
    Expressing views (via e-mail or an online forum) -- You will be asked to provide your name and e-mail when you express your views in a forum.
    Besides the above-mentioned data, any information regarding your visit of the site will be recorded. Such information may include IP address, time of usage, the browser used and pages viewed.
    The Privacy Policy does not cover information you provide in a public forum, such as e-mail addresses and names.
    The use of information gathered
    Online activities
    Information gathered from users, such as names and ID numbers, is intended to serve as a reference for policymakers or for the system administrators as they plan for future promotional campaigns in which prizes are given. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses and home addresses are for data analysis purposes. Other information will be for analyses by policymakers or academics. Unless an interviewee has given his or her consent, information shall not be used for other purposes.
    Other usage
    Any information obtained from users without their express approval, such as the IP address of a system, the time of usage, the browser used and pages visited, is for general analyses of user habit, not analyses of any particular users.
    The use of cookies
        Cookies are short messages created by the server side to be saved into the user's hard drive. They are created for the site administrators to study user preference. You may adjust the cookies settings by selecting “tools” and “advanced” on your Netscape browser or “Internet options” and “security” on your IE browser. You may select “accept cookies,” “decline cookies” or “notifying the user upon receiving a cookie.” If you selected “decline cookies,” you may not be able to use some of the functions on the site (such as surveys) or take part in certain activities.
    Site administrators will create a cookie to be saved into your system for the following purposes:
    To provide better, more customized services to enrich your online experience. Cookies are created when you sign on and updated when you sign out.
    To analyze user habit so that we can make improvements.
    Sharing data with a third party
    Should judicial authorities ask for data regarding a specific individual, the site administrators will -- based on the premise that the privacy of the individual is protected -- make the necessary accommodations in the interest of maintaining social order. We want to reassure the public that we will not sell, lease or exchange your information with any groups or individuals without your consent.
    Policy on circulating e-mail or other materials promoting the site
        Such materials will be sent to your e-mail only with your express consent.
         Please keep your password and other information confidential. Do not leak personal information or password to others. Once you've sent or received e-mail, please sign out. If you were sharing a computer with others, please close all browsers to prevent others from obtaining your information.
    Inquiries on the Privacy Policy
        Should you have any questions on the Privacy Policy, please contact us at any time.