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    The center was established on June 1, 1946, and it was initially called the Gani Township Public Health Center. It was renamed as Taoyuan Township Public Health Center in 1956 and was again renamed as Taoyuan District Public Health Center after the amalgamation between counties and cities on December 25, 2010.

    In June 1965, an office building was constructed next to the current Taoyuan Elementary School, which was relocated to the location of the current reserve dormitory; the current building was completed in 2002 thanks to funding from the DOH. In addition to the health building, there are also four health centers providing health care services. The main scope of operation for the public health center includes four facets such as public health, prevention and health care, health promotion and medical services.

    Since the NHI promulgated the Indigenous Development Proposal in 1998 and the IDS Integrated Delivery System in 2000, the medical resource provision in the mountainous regions has been improved significantly. For instance, the KMUH now provides dozens of specialized medical treatments at the public health center every month, as well as touring medical treatment every week in the villages. Each Friday morning, the inoculation and pediatric outpatient service is provided, while Prof. Huang Chun-de personally conducts oral hygiene inspection and treatment for children every month.

    In addition to health related services, what is worth mentioning is the Taoyuan District Public Health Center's long term involvement in caring for indigenous culture and the development of indigenous children; this is not only unique to this public health center, but also the aspiration of its entire staff.


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    Future prospects of the public health center

    Future prospects of the public health center

    The vision of the team is to become the fountainhead of health and happiness for the tribe.

    To work diligently for Taoyuan and allow the children and people of the tribe to live on the beautiful land healthily and happily.