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Office feature

    One: Source of Hope in Tao Township The Taoyuan District Public Health Center attaches great importance to the development of the village children and since 2001 has organized numerous activities to care for village children and to encourage them to grow through learning.

    These include: 2000: Organized the harmonica teaching at Singjhong Elementary School.

    2001: Organized guitar lessons at Taoyuan Junior High School.

    2002~2004: Conducted schoolwork guidance for junior high school students.

    2005: Invited Tzuchi Teachers’ Association to conduct life moral education and schoolwork guidance at Taoyuan Elementary School.

    2006: Organized pottery art class and story-telling activities for children at Taoyuan Elementary School.

    2007: Collaborated with the Kaohsiung County Story-telling Moms’ Association to organize the story-telling activity at the Township Library.

    2007: Organized the children’s stage play performance.

    2010: Conducted development assessment for infants between 0~6 years old from all regions.

    Tw Gani's Love

    As of 2008, we have expanded our caring targets from children to cover people of all age groups.

    The focus includes:

    Neonates Cases with early marriage or giving birth without marriage

    Domestic violence (include child abuse) cases

    Late development or children with insufficient support from their families

    Physically disabled persons and persons suffering from illnesses

    Financial difficulty, sick and unable to see a doctor

    Caring for suicidal cases

    Caring for the family of the deceased

    Post-disaster psychological recovery cases